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Ecommerce is on a rapid growth trend accelerated by the pandemic. But there’s something a lot of Ecommerce businesses don’t get.

It has to do with a little thing called email.

Despite the rumours about the death of email it’s alive and well. In fact, it’s an excellent to make more sales from your existing client base. But only if you do it right.

I’m on lots of Ecommerce lists and pretty much all the companies end me what I call ‘product catalogue’ emails. You know product, price and a fact or two.

So boring. The only reason I don’t unsubscribe from them all is I know they will send discount offers out and I may use those to buy something I was already planning on buying.

There are two obvious things Ecommerce marketers can do to send out better emails.

1. Tell stories. About clients, how they make the products, the people involved. Something that helps create an emotional bond of loyalty between them and me as a client.

2. Segment the database. I am on a list for Bonds and even though they have my purchase history from their loyalty program they still send me the same emails as everyone else. No point sending me emails about baby rompers when I have a 15 year old. There’s an easy fix to this Bonds if you’re reading this post.

So next time you plan to send something out don’t be lazy and just throw in a few products. Write something human to human. Build the bond, build your business.