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Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

That’s where marketing is today and it’s getting worse by the second.

Data-driven marketing.



They all sound great. In theory they make life easier.

But it’s a false easy.

Because easy doesn’t always mean effective.

The more we dig into each of these the more we are removed from the most important thing.


Real people who buy what we sell and gives us money.

That’s right we’re becoming detached from understanding the ones thing that drives every sale.

A deep understanding of human nature.

That’s why you see ads that don’t contain an appeal to anything we actually care about.

That’s why websites read like robots wrote them (often they have).

That’s why most marketing is about the business and not what they can do for you.

It’s always been a problem, but technology is making it worse. Much worse.

However, it’s easily fixed.

Any smart marketer knows it’s their understanding of human nature that makes them any good.

And you can stay in touch with people by having conversations with them.

Listen to what they have to say.

Read their comments on your social media.

Listen to customer service calls and complaints.

Every second you spend studying people increases your ability to create marketing that will scare the crap out of your competition.

And keep you ahead in your market.

That’s got to be a good thing.

Humans first, always.