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Marketing lessons from my visit to an underground goldmine.

Yesterday I took my daughter to visit an old underground mine.

Apart from having a great time a few things stood out to me.

1. Nothing valuable is gained without hard work. But if we think our modern work is hard we should study the life of the early gold miners and we will soon realise it’s not.

2. You have to sort through a lot of dirt to find the gold. This is true in your business. You have to find the right clients for you and find the right marketing approach to get them.

3. There are risks. Unlike the miners we typically can’t die in our work. But we always risk failure. That’s where bravery and a clear purpose is required to keep you going through the tougher times.

4. Don’t just sell a commodity. Gold sold as gold gets the current market price. But turned into jewellery it sells for much more. Just like in business if you sell hours for dollars you can be limited. But when you sell valuable outcomes for clients you can base your price on a share of their results.

There may be more lessons I missed. But it just proves no matter where you are or what you’re doing life wants to teach you. You just need to have an open mind.