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Beware marketing malpractice.

Sadly it’s everywhere.

I really hope you aren’t of the victims. But if you’ve ever spent a ton of money with a marketing company and seen no return then you are.

So what is it?

It’s where a company tells you they understand marketing and know how to get you results. But they don’t.

Here’s why.

In almost every case they don’t take the time to truly understand your business and clients. Without that understanding you can’t create a strategy that will achieve the results you’re seeking.

You can’t just take care of socials and run some ads. That’s not a strategy. That’s a cookie cutter solution. Works for a few, but fails for many more.

The warning sign is simple. You get recommendations before a proper business diagnosis is done.

Imagine if your doctor did that. Here take these pills they’ll fix you. You’d call B.S.on that. At least I hope you would. You want them to understand the problem and prescribe the right solution for you.

Marketing is the same. Everyone says they want more clients. Fair enough. But that’s a symptom. The real question is why don’t you have them already?

Maybe you’re trying to be all things to all people.

Maybe your prices are too high or more likely not high enough.

Maybe you can’t tell people why they should choose you over every other option including not buying from anyone.

Maybe you forgot to keep marketing to your existing clients (surprisingly common).

So if you are going to get someone to help you with marketing judge them on the quality of the questions they ask. And how much attention they pay to your answers.

If they at least do that then your chance of avoiding marketing malpractice go up a lot. No there’s a lot more to consider before you invest your time and money. But please at least demand this from anyone before you hand over any money.