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Have you heard of method copywriting?

Probably not. In fact, if you Google it you’ll struggle to find a relevant website.

So what is it? Why does it matter?

Method copywriting is where we do everything we can to become the person we are trying to persuade to do something.

We actually ‘mentally’ become the client and see the world as they see it. It’s part research and part visualisation.

Here’s an example. Let’s say our target client is a Business Development Manager. Their main responsibility is to bring in new business.

So we know they are under constant pressure to deliver new business. We know they are probably doing a lot of cold outreach with limited success. They may also have a family to support.

They might say something like this.

I’m constantly under pressure to bring in new clients. The boss is riding me daily. But the outreach methods that have worked in the past aren’t working as well as they used to and I’m worried I won’t hit my targets. If I don’t, I’m out of a job and that’s a scary idea because two of my kids are in private schools and the fees are a killer. I just don’t know what to do next to get back on track. I’m drowning.

Can you see how doing this exercise gives us lots of rich material for work with to create effective copy?

Try it for your target clients. You’re bound to get some valuable insights you can use to power up your copy.