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Here’s the thing about people.

We’re lazy.

We just basically want to be safe and we don’t to use too many brain resources.

But this is bad news for marketers because it means it’s too easy to do nothing.

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A little bit of pain. Safe to ignore it.

A little bit unhappy. No need to do anything.

A little bit unfit. No need to exercise or diet.

If they feel remotely OK then they don’t buy.

So what do we do?

We ramp up the pain.

We ramp it up until they see their situation for what it is. Painful enough to take action, NOW!

This isn’t something we make up, that’s lying.

But we look at the natural/potential consequences of delaying taking action.

Here’s an example of a business with a website that doesn’t convert well (most websites have this problem).

Have you ever asked yourself why your website doesn’t make as many sales as it should? Most sites are actually scaring away more customers than they bring in. If you’re getting a few sales you might think yours is OK. But ask yourself this. Am I happy with 97% of all visitors not buying from me? Am I happy for them to go and but from one of my competitors instead? You can keep pretending things are OK but everyday it’s costing you a fortune. What else could you do with the money from all those extra sales? When the economy gets tough, as it is right now, sales are even harder to get. Without wanting to scare you too much you need to understand that a website that converts poorly can lead to you going out of business. I don’t want that to happen to you. I’m guessing you don’t want that either.

What if you could…(now you transition across to an irresistible offer to help).

Now I’d work in that more to make it stronger. But you can see I’m working on taking them from thinking things are OK to maybe they’re not and this could be a big problem. Now they are more likely to take some action.

By amping up the pain and getting people to take action you are actually serving them better than you are now.

Here’s why.

At some point they will be enough to pain to act. But when they do it will probably be by buying from a competitor. Assuming your competitors aren’t as good as you are then that’s a bad outcome for the client.

Amp up the pain. Amp up sales.