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This copywriting formula can save you a lot of time and effort.

But before I share it, I need you to understand that you should not put too much focus on any formula.

If you do your writing will start to sound robotic.

Here’s the formula. PAS.


Here’s an example. In this case it’s aimed at a business that has a poor converting website (don’t ask me how of those there I can’t count that high ? ).

So, the copy idea looks like this.

Problem – Are you unhappy with how many sales you currently get from your website?

Agitate – Every day people are visiting your site and leaving without buying. Worse still they are going to your competitors and giving them the money that should have been yours.

Solve – You can start getting those sales back using our customised direct response website system.

Now that’s just the basic idea. But you can see it gives you a structure for what write. And how how to structure your writing.

See how you can apply it in your business. Questions welcome.