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Can you just write something for me?

This seemingly innocent question may be why your website isn’t selling.

You see people get all excited about getting a brand new shiny website. It makes them feel good because it looks beautiful. But does it sell?

This is what normally happens. The client asks the web designer to write some words for the website. Then the designer writes the words. The problem is they don’t really understand your market and clients. They understand good design but not how to persuade.

So what gets written is bland. It sounds like everyone else. And it persuades no one to buy from you.

The difference between throwing some words on a page and thinking about how to structure your site to sell is huge.

That’s the job a professional copywriter. We understand people. We take the time to understand your website goals and can then create words that compel people to take action.

Yes, you pay well for this service. But words that sell become a profit centre for your business and pay for themselves over and over.

There are too many websites with weak words. I sincerely hope yours isn’t one of them. But if it is, get help.

As a mentor of mine once said ‘pay once, cry once’. In other words invest to get the results you want.

Everyone else can have a nice looking brochure website. You can have a 24/7 sales machine.