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Would you say this to a potential client?

If you have money I’ll take you on as a client.

I really, really, hope you said no.

You don’t know anything about them yet. You don’t know whether they will be a great client or send you prematurely to the nut house.

But every day I see words like this on ads and websites.

In fact 584,000 websites are saying this exact thing…

‘there is no job too big or too small’

I searched using quotes to get more accurate results.

If you try to appeal to everyone you actually appeal to no one.

Much better to give real thought to who you want as a client. You probably have some clients now that are perfect. You want more like those.

But the only way to get more like them is to understand them and what they have in common. Then create a marketing message that appeals to them and them only.

My favourite marketing line of all time is this…

My prices are reassuringly expensive. Know how many websites come up for that?

Only one when I checked.

But it’s powerful because it repels the cheap clients. It carries confidence and says I’m the best. If you want the best you’ll think about using them for sure.

Is your marketing trying to appeal to everyone?

If it is now is the time to stop. Zero in on who you really want and write your marketing just to them.