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Nice marketers finish last.

Or more correctly they get ignored.

Being ignored in business is death. You just don’t know the exact timing.

I know it’s tough out there. Get your angle or tone wrong and the social media lynch mob will come for you.

But the thing is people respect companies that stand for or against something.

The something must be relevant to your dream client profile.

You are appealing directly to them and at the same time not appealing to ones you don’t want.

You can’t sit in the middle or end you up with something bland like ‘friendly professional service’ or ‘leading XYZ’ or ‘different styled residential aged care homes’. Just a couple of examples I found with a quick Google search.

But the thing is you won’t win clients with a message like that. These examples came from aged care. What does someone buying aged care really want? They want their loved one really cared for.

So why wouldn’t you say something like this…

“Our Residents Live Longer”

The care, friendships and food we give your mum or dad is just too good. In fact many wish they’d moved here sooner. MORE COPY WOULD FOLLOW.

Now think about it. Assuming you love mum or dad you want them to live as long and as happily as they can. If you saw this message it would stand out in the sea of bland.

So throw your nice words out the window and write something bold. Hopefully the idea of using it scares you.

When you are willing to be bold enough to stand out, more clients will be willing to hand you money.