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I promise you’ll have the place to yourself.

Can you guess where it is?

If you guessed the top of the mountain you’re right.

Very few people make it to the top though almost everyone claims to want to.

It’s the work and the consistency required that stops most people.

You have to love the journey. Who you become along the way is the best part.

The other interesting thing is this.

You only need to a do a little more of the right things consistently to get there.

It’s knowing what they are. It’s then actually doing them.

One of these things is developing clear communication skills.

If you can’t communicate clearly your marketing doesn’t work.

If you can’t communicate clearly your relationships don’t work.

So if you want something to work on that will separate you from the pack and send you towards the top, it’s communication.

Look no further than reading about human behaviour and the great communicators over history.

Start with How To Win Friends and Influence People. It’s a classic for good reason.