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There’s one thing everyone wants.

Here’s a clue.

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That’s right we want a better future. Not that means lots of different things to lots of different people.

But they must feel that buying from you gives them that. If not they won’t buy.

So this weeks influence secret is all about engaging their imagination of what that better future looks and fees like.

In NLP they call it future pacing. Not honestly that just a term for emotional engagement which is essential in any effective marketing.

Questions are a great way to engage their mind about that better future. Here’s a few examples.

How will it feel to be the fittest you’ve ever been?

What will you do with all the free time you now have?

What else will you when your business runs smoothly without you having to do everything?

How does it feel knowing that if anything happens to you your family won’t have to worry about money?

I think you get the idea. The question directly leads to imagine a desirable future result. The more they ‘feel it’ the faster they’ll buy.

So help them see the better future that comes from buying from you.