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Have you ever tried to do business with your company?

It can be an eye-opening exercise.

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Better still get someone who doesn’t know you to try and do business with you.

Watch what happens.

You will find obstacles that you don’t know are there.

The easiest place is to start with your website.

The most common obstacles on any website are:

  1. I can’t immediately tell what you can do for me.
  2. I can’t immediately tell what to do next.
  3. There are just too many steps to get me to what I want.

Maybe you can’t see but potential clients will.

And every time they encounter one, they leave.

It’s why most websites have very low conversion rates.

Does yours?

Time to do an obstacle audit.

If you’re too close to your company to see it clearly (you are) then send me your website address and I’ll spot them and share them with you.