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Sales tripled.

You’ll be surprised how simple the change was that did it.

As a copywriter I know how powerful a small word change can be.

But did you know just changing one letter can make a difference?

It can.

Here’s the story.

The ad was for a piano playing course.

The original headline worked and was ‘Put Music In Your Life’.

That worked well at the time the ad ran.

But the story goes a typo was made on a new printing of the ad and the type tripled orders.

This is the new headline ‘Puts Music In Your Life’.

One added letter. Three times the orders. Why?

In this case puts is a more active way of saying what you’ll get. This puts music in your life. In other words it almost does it for you. The original leaves you, the client, do that for yourself.

When did you last look at the headline of your website or your ads?

It can always be better. In fact you’ve just seen how much better with a simple addition of one letter.

Would you like a headline that pulls in more attention and orders?

Message me today to arrange a review of your current headline and how it can be made much, much more powerful.