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Assuming you and I post today one of us will be ignored.

Did you know every second social media post is ignored?

I didn’t until I checked and found a study of 100,000 random posts that showed this to be true.

But why?

There are a few reasons. Things like timing come into it. But the real reason is that your post hasn’t engaged people emotionally.

Emotion is powerful. If you can make people feel something immediately when they see your post then you will get engagement.

Twitter is a great place to see emotional engagement in action. Look at what’s trending. Ask yourself why?

Usually, it’s because a feeling of outrage has been triggered.

People share things that make them feel something. When someone shares something, they are making a statement about themselves. They want their audience to feel what they feel.

So, when you sit down to create your next post ask yourself this. What emotion am I trying to engage?

Then write your post. It will have a much higher chance of being in the 50% of posts that do get engagement.