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How my Twitter post yesterday went nuts even though it contained a typo.

I don’t often post on Twitter but yesterday I did.

It was a post about the NSW covid lockdown. Being a Victorian I know what lockdowns feel like. They suck. But are necessary to control the spread of the virus.

It was a simple post here it is (typo included):

I feel for the people of NSW. How could the Government have been so naïve? I means the examples have been everywhere in the last 18 months of what not to do.

It got 93 retweets, 458 likes and 29,000 views. Not that isn’t huge by Twitter standards but then I’m not Kim Kardashian either.

It was an interesting lesson in psychology. I believe people responded because it was topical. But more so because I empathised with them. Which I do.

It tapped the conversation that was going on in their minds right then. Which is what all great marketing must do.

Another lesson is that Twitter can give you a pulse on what people are feeling right now. It’s just a sample but you can gain valuable insights that can make your marketing more powerful on or off Twitter.