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How you position yourself matters.

I just noticed an Australian University with this as the title tag for their website:

“One of the best universities in Australia.”

Wow I’m impressed aren’t you. Sarcasm aside if you are just one of the best why would I choose you to study at.

Either you are the best (must have some form of proof) or you aren’t. In which case don’t say that. Find something else to say.

This is where you have to dig in and look at all the reasons why someone should choose you over anyone else. If you don’t have a good answer for it then you are selling a commodity. Good luck with that.

So, I dug around their website and found something interesting. They are the #1 institution attended by Australian start-up founders.

That could be a great positioning statement. But they probably won’t do it because it might exclude some people. This is what happens. Marketing gets watered down to something like ‘one of the best’ and then they wonder why people aren’t smashing down doors to get in.

Rant over. But I hope you now understand you have to stand for something specific if you want to stand out.