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The marketing strategy that never goes out of fashion.

Social media sites come and go.

One day you rank high on Google, the next they changed the rules and you’re gone.

Facebook didn’t like you ad so they banned your account.

This happens all day, every day.

It’s like building your business on quicksand. A disaster.

But there’s one strategy that’s timeless and it’s this.

Beware it’s not shiny or sexy.

It’s caring. Specifically it’s about putting your client’s interests ahead of your own.

It’s the only way I do business and I recommend it highly to you.

It means you say no to some clients.

It means you look after your clients like your life depends on it. Your business life does.

It means every decision you make is about how you can make their lives better.

What happens is this. You may lose some sales in the short-term. Not that likely but it’s OK.

Because the best clients will be drawn to you magnetically.

They will spend more. They will stay longer. They will refer other great clients.

Your reputation will become unbeatable.

BUT you can’t pretend. You have to believe this and embrace it as the core of HOW you do business.

Will you?

I hope so because for the few that do the rewards are more than worth it.