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Lana Del Rey summed it up best.

It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you

Everything I do…

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Caring is the ultimate weapon of influence.

But you can’t fake it.

You care deeply or you’re a fake.

People can quickly tell which one you are.

But when you care so deeply about your clients that you put their interests ahead of your own, you’re in category all on your own.

But to me it’s the only way business should be done.

Good products and services sold to people who can benefit wildly from buying them.

It means you sell a client more or less than you expected. You sell them only what’s right for them.

That includes not buying if that’s the right thing.

Few people in business will turn down a sale. But when you say yes to the wrong clients it ends badly for everyone, so don’t do it.

Genuine care. Genuine results. Genuine business.

Embrace this philosophy at the core of your business and watch how you become unstoppable.