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It’s accepted wisdom that opposites attract.

Whether that’s true or not being the opposite of something makes you stand out.

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It works brilliantly as a tool of mass influence.

If you’re brave enough to try it.

Ask yourself this.

What does everyone in my industry do, that sucks or is plain wrong?

Then do the opposite.

It could be a point of view.

It could be a standard practice.

It could be the same way of marketing.

Let’s look at some examples.

Every car ad shows someone driving a shiny car on the open road and looking exceptionally happy. Boring!

Why not show someone sleeping in their car because they love it so much. In fact, their partner ends up leaving them but they don’t care because they love the car so much. Now that’s one idea off the top of my head. I could come up with dozens of angles. The point is ‘do something different’.

Every tradesperson (in Australia) pretty much offers free quotes. What a waste of time for them.

Why not charge of quotes and take the quote fee off the job when they go ahead. Even a small fee may deter the time wasters and save you a ton of time.

Every digital marketing agency tells you to do SEO and be on all the major socials. Newsflash you may not need to do all that.

Why not consider offline marketing. If everyone else is doing digital, you have that media all to yourself.

The key idea is if you do the opposite, you stand out.

You must stand out now more than ever. It’s noisy.

Only the standout marketers in any category will do well.

If you want some ideas on how you can stand out hit me up for a chat. I don’t bite. But I do have an endless supply of fresh marketing ideas.