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I’m outraged by the outrage.

How dare the Finnish PM have a life.

The horror.

Apart from the fact this is none of our business it also proves one other thing.

Outrage gets eyeballs.

Especially if people can take sides and fight with each other.

The weird thing about the internet is people can and do say things they probably wouldn’t say to someone face to face.

I think they forget it’s public and most people can be easily identified.

Sometimes outrage serves a purpose to raise issues that need discussing.

Sometimes outrage is just plain dumb as it is in this case.

The world faces far greater challenges than a PM having harmless fun.

But the business lesson is outrage is powerful. You can use it in your marketing. But only if you’re brave. And only for good.

I’m off for some dance lessons. Don’t worry the video will never see the light of day!