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Your job is to paint the picture.

The picture of life for a client after they buy from you. The picture of life if they don’t buy from you.

They always have a choice. The decision to buy or not is ultimately theirs.

But it’s our duty to help them make the right choice. After all if they don’t buy or buy from someone else they may not get what they want.

Because we care we want them to get what they want. Preferably from us. But even if they don’t we still care enough to want them to get what they want.

If you’d like to see a wonderful example of one powerful way to do this look for the Wall Street Journal. Put this query into Google and you’ll find it ‘a tale of two men WSJ letter’.

Now the language is dated but the persuasion power isn’t.

Read it a few times and ask yourself why it works. Then ask yourself how can I apply the lessons from it to my own business.