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Your job in business is to sell stuff at a profit.

If you don’t like that then get out of business.

Yes, it means manipulating people to buy what you sell.

But that’s a good thing. Let me explain why.

If you sell a product or service that genuinely gives people something they want, then it’s your job to ensure you do everything you can, to get them to buy.

If you don’t their life sucks.

And someone else may do a better job than you of marketing.

But it may not be a great product or service like yours is.

In fact, you have a moral obligation to help them see why buying from you is in their best interests.

Few people really get this.

Few people ever become OK with selling something.

Few people dominate every market for this reason.

If you get it, you win. It’s the most ethical to do business.

Manipulation is good if you’re doing good.

If you’re not, then stop following me, I don’t want to know you.