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People not buying?

It’s not them, it’s you.

Sorry to start the week with a hard truth but smart people, like you, embrace hard truths as a chance to grow.

If people aren’t buying from you it’s because of one or more of these reasons:

1. They’re the wrong people.
2. Your offer is confusing is just plain sucks.
3. They don’t know what the next step is.
4. Your words aren’t working.

The good news is they’re all fixable.

Number one isn’t an issue for most businesses. The most common challenge is selling to people without money. The fix to that is to get clear about your value and who will value it most. The only sell to those people.

Number two is a massive problem. Your offer is what they get for what they give. What they get must massively outweigh what they give. If you that balance right you’re onto a winner.

Number three is an easy fix. Have one clear next step and tell them to take it now. Ues it can be that simple. People value clear instructions and without them they won’t proceed.

Number four is a pandemic. Sorry to use that word but it is. People struggle to find the right words to say what they need to say. Good me, as a copywriter, but bad for you. It’s easily fixed too. You do it by thinking like a potential client and talking in their terms. Now there’s an art to it but that’s the first step and anyone can take that step.

So if people aren’t buying you now know why. Better still you where to start to fix the problem.

Here’s to higher sales for you.