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It’s amazing how many people believe marketing doesn’t work.

They say things like:

Facebook ads don’t work
Google ads don’t work.
SEO doesn’t work.
Websites don’t work.
Social media doesn’t work.

In one sense they’re right. They may not have worked for them. But in reality they’re wrong.

Of course they work. Not for everyone in every situation. But your customers engage with all of them and if they are there so should you be.

The reason they ‘don’t work’ is because you haven’t figured out how to make them work.

The biggest reason is because people are promoting things no one cares about. Weak offers = weak sales.

Me too products get weak me too sales.

You have to work incredibly hard on getting your offer right before you spend any money on marketing.

But once you have a great offer you suddenly find:

Facebook ads do work
Google ads do work.
SEO do work.
Websites do work.
Social media do work.