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Dumb marketing strategies revealed.

From time to time I’m going to share examples of dumb marketing strategies made by businesses.

I won’t name names, but I’ll explain why I think it’s dumb and what I recommend instead.

You can learn what to do by looking at what not to do.

Here’s the first one.

This morning I received a flyer for an energy retailer (sells gas and electricity).

On the flyer was an offer of $150 credit if I move home with them as my energy retailer.

Quite a specific offer. Not very attractive but not awful. Here’s the problem though.

I am not moving home nor do I plan to anytime soon.

And I bet I’m in the vast majority of households who aren’t moving either.

So this offer falls on deaf ears.

So what to do instead?

All the households in my area use gas or electricity or both as I do. So we’re all potential clients for an energy retailer.

Why not make me an attractive offer to switch to them?

Obvious isn’t it. Not to them apparently.

I would rather make an offer most people can take up instead of one only a small percentage of people will.

So if you’re going to make an offer to attract new clients make sure it is relevant to the audience you’re aiming at. that way you can avoid the expensive marketing fail made by this company.

If you have examples of irrelevant offers you’ve received I’d love you to share the story here.