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Have you ever posted on social media and been totally OK with getting no response?

Of course not, none of us are.

It’s because we are driven by the need for validation.

We want people to like us and we want to feel valued and important. It’s human nature.

Guess what you’re clients are just like you. They want to be validated. In fact if you validate them they will love you for it AND they will pay you well too.

This might sound evil. But if it’s genuine then it’s not.

Here’s a couple of website headlines I just found that put this into practice.

1. Have the Wedding Your Guests Will Rave About for Years to Come
We want our wedding to go perfectly after all we hope to only do it once. It’s incredibly validating to have people tell us how much they loved our wedding.

This is Your Day. We’ll Make Sure the Food is Perfect.

We worry about things going wrong. If someone is offering to make sure the food is perfect it helps us relax. No need to worry is a powerful form of validation.

Now my question is how will you use this insight to powerup your marketing?

Share your answer. The best one wins a prize.