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Seen it. Heard it before.

This is one of the worst reactions you can have to your marketing message.

It means a potential client has categorised you as the same as everyone else. The sale is lost because they have probably tried the other things and they failed to give them what they want.

But you know you can help. So, what do you do?

You have to find a way to present your offer as new and different. It could be you genuinely have some advantage that no one else has. If you do that’s great.

But if you don’t have that then the challenge is to present your offer in a new way. It can be as simple as naming your thing creatively. It could be you have a methods you can put into a diagram and share. It could be you have an amazing story to tell about how your client(s) have succeeded.

I saw an interesting example of this yesterday. A start-up company in the business finance space received a brilliant client testimonial. It showed how easily they achieved what they wanted using this companies’ product. It was well written and powerful. So powerful in fact that if it was my business I’d use the story on the home page of my website.

It tells the story in a far more human and compelling than what is on the website right now.

There is probably something really interesting about what you do that you may undervalue because it’s common knowledge to you. But to a potential client it might be the thing that gets them to say yes to your offer.