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Less is more…believable.

Have we reached the peak of overpromising?

Even though it seems like it the answer is probably no.

But what has changed is people’s B.S. detectors. They are better tuned than ever before. Especially the best clients. They are too smart to fall for exaggerated claims and unsubstantiated hype.

So if you’re promise is huge, even if it’s true then you’re in trouble. They won’t believe you.

Instead dial back your promise. Keep it specific and still have proof and guarantees that support it. Just make it believable.

Here’s an example. Grant Cardone talks about 10xing your business. Now 10 times sounds great but is it believable? Not really. The desperate will fall for it but the smart ones won’t.

They still want business growth. But a more believable promise might be something like:

Would you like a proven plan to increase your business by a minimum of 10% this year?

It’s not as sexy as 10x. But it’s more believable. People can imagine achieving a 10% increase in there business. So as long as you can deliver this may well work for you.

What’s a realistic, specific promise you can make to the market?