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Did I go too far?

A better question when you’re creating your marketing message is this.

Have I gone far enough?

The pressure is always on to get your marketing out into the world. But the problem with that is what you put out often sucks.

You know it does. You don’t want it to. But you were in a hurry and you did your best.

This is a story many marketers tell themselves.

The big problem is that no one responds to the marketing.

And this always, always comes back to bite you in the arse.

What’s the solution?

It’s to go too far. Take your marketing right to the edge. Say what you’d say after a few drinks. Push, push, push.

Here’s an example for life insurance. I made it up to illustrate my point.

Here’s what life insurance marketers typically say:

Award-winning life insurance OR

$x cover no medical required.

Here’s what going to the edge might look like.

When you’re 6 feet under what will they say about you?

The idea being if you have life insurance, they’ll thank you for it and if you don’t they’ll be pissed off.

See how much fun you can have doing this.

Your turn. Go too far.

Now have a look at what you’ve got. Can you use it? Maybe you need to walk back a bit from the edge. But one thing’s for sure what you have is going to be 100 times than what you were originally going to go with.