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The doom and gloom merchants are out and about.

They say there’s a big recession looming.

Here’s what I say.

I’m not buying into it.

Sure the economy may be bouncing around but I’m going to focus on what I can control.

Firstly I can control how much of their negativity I let in. Done less media consumption fixes that.

Next I can control the quality of work I do for my clients. I’m going to take them all under my protection and do everything I can to help them thrive.

I can control how I manage my energy. So I’m eating better and exercising more.

I can control why I feed my mind. So extra reading in a variety of areas. The common theme being understanding people which is the core of what I do as a copywriter and marketing consultant.

There’s actually a lot that is under your control.

So you can make the decision now to join me on not buying into the recession doom and gloom narrative.

Many businesses grow faster than ever during a recession because the owner sees opportunity.

I want you to be one of them. If you need help or fresh thinking to get you through I’m here for you.

Together we prevail.