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Set fire to your template

Toss your formula out the window.

Sack your marketing guru.

Blindfold yourself to the next shiny object.

Stop stalking your competitors.

These are some of the traps that stop you from creating marketing that is interesting and powerful.

Think about it for a moment. Want to send an outreach email? Grab a template like everyone else does OR think about the person you want to contact and write something just for them.

Which will perform better? You know the answer.

Grab some AI software to write your web copy. Job done fast. But read what you get. It sounds cold. It sounds impersonal. It gets ignored.

Why not take the time to think about one person and write your copy to them. For bonus assume that if you don’t buy from you, they will buy from someone else with a vastly inferior offering.

Make the same offers as your competitors. No. They probably copied someone else because they didn’t know better. You do.

If you want average or poor results copy everyone else. If you want exceptional results do exceptional marketing.

What about sacking your marketing guru? Simple you don’t need a guru you need a trusted guide. Anyone who professes to be a marketing guru is full of you know what. A great marketer has superior skills and understanding but they won’t win every time.

A marketing guide will stick with you and get you on the right path. Then as you need to adjust along the way they are there for you. They help you think better. So, you create better marketing.

No guru needed. The insights are in your market and your clients.

I hope you take a shift in marketing mindset from this post.

The market is more competitive than ever. The clients more demanding.

Deep thinking and an end to formulaic marketing will set you free in 2023.