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When everyone looks the same.

What does a potential client do?

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They apply something called The Von Restorff effect.

It means that when everything looks the same we notice the one that’s different.

Different could be simple. For example if you’re office is typically a suit wearing environment you’d be different if you turned up in a gold jacket.

You’d be noticed.

But just being noticed isn’t enough.

You have to be noticed by the right people. For the right reasons.

So your difference should be something that clients value.

In business the easiest thing to do is to share a different point of view.

In any industry businesses pretty much say the same things.

It doesn’t mean they’re all right. In fact if you find yourself on the side of the majority you may well be wrong.

If you’re going to do what everyone else does why bother. How will anyone notice you and choose to give your business money instead of someone else?

You have to be good different.

If you are you stand out.

If you stand out you win.