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Why has marketing become scared?

Is it the threat of social media blowback?

Is it a desire to stay safe?

Is it because we focus too much on what the competition are doing?

I suspect it’s a mix of all of these.

Marketing should be be the most fun you can have in business. But only if you have to fun doing it and are willing to push things.

Scroll through LinkedIn and you’ll die in a sea of bland. You could literally put any company name on a post and it would be as relevant.

Most people running LinkedIn ads would be better not running them. At least in their current form.

If you’re going to run bland marketing you might as well not bother.

If you’re going to look like everyone else you might as well not bother.

But, if you’re willing to be bold. Willing to have a point of view. Willing to maybe upset the odd person then you have a great future in marketing.

I hope you’re one of the brave few. If you are I’d love to chat and talk more about how we end bland marketing.