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Should I sell Grandma?

It’s fierce out there.

There are businesses that will sell their Grandma to make a sale.

There are businesses that will say anything to make a sale.

There are businesses who are shouting, hoping to make a sale.

Then there’s you.

Your business delivers amazing value for clients but hardly anyone knows it.

It’s a dilemma. The best marketer gets the sale, not necessarily the best business.

It shouldn’t be this way. But it is. And in life we have to work with the how the world is.

So, what to do?

Join the charlatans? No thanks.

Shout louder? No thanks.

Sell Grandma? No thanks.

Try this instead. Invest all your time and energy into developing a deep understanding of your best clients. What do they think, believe and feel? What’s the story running in their brain 24/7, 365?

As you do this your ‘market empathy’ goes through the roof. It’s like you become your dream client. I’m sorry to say it takes work. But it’s profitable work for the ‘smart few’ willing to do it.

What happens next is you become able to say what your clients are thinking. You don’t have to be loud and you don’t have to sell Grandma.

Instead you have ‘hyper relevance’ and your clients experience it from the moment they come into contact with you.

You’ve already experienced it at least once. Either from a business or in a personal relationship. Someone who just gets you.

As soon as you feel that, you want more of what they’ve got.

This is how amazing businesses with fiercely loyal clients are built.