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It’s complicated to get to simple.

But all great marketing rests on a simple idea.

An idea that resonates with existing beliefs and attitudes about the world. The first step is clear thinking.

Clear thinking involves looking at your product, market and clients and understanding what the world looks like to them.

What do they believe? What are they feeling right now? What is the context in which they receive your marketing message.

Estimates suggest we are exposed to 5,000 marketing messages a day. How do you stand out?

With simple ideas, strong emotion and simple language. First you must get attention. The easiest way to do this is often the opposite of what everyone else does.

Think about where your marketing will be seen. What marketing is typically done in that media? How can you make yours stand out. You need to interrupt the trance people are already in. Especially in social media.

In the first few seconds your idea must grab them. Grab them enough to get a few more seconds and then maintain that excitement the whole way through.

Keep your language simple. Use words that everyone knows. Keep sentences as short a you can. Read your message aloud that’s how you can tell if it flows easily. Anywhere you stumble, you need to rewrite.

Simple ideas. Strong Emotion. Simple language. They are the keys to cutting through in an incredibly noisy marketing environment.