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3 simple ways to get your website selling more.


Given that 98% of people leave the average website without doing anything it’s clear we all have work to do.


After all if you ran a shop and only 2 out of every 100 people that came in purchased how long would you be in business?


For most, not long.


Fixing the problem isn’t hard but it does require hard work.


You must imagine how someone views your website for the first time.


They don’t know what you know. They’re busy. They’re distracted.


Here’s 3 things you can change today to get more sales from the number of visitors you already have.


1. Get their attention.


The first thing you say must let them know they are in the right place, you understand them and can help.


2. A clear goal. What do you want them to do? Be specific. Then remove anything that doesn’t help them do that. For most sites you can remove at least half of what’s on the home page. Especially embedded social media feeds like Instagram.


3. A Godfather offer. They have given you some attention and time. What are you going to move the relationship forward? You can’t just put up any old offer. You need to make a Godfather offer. One they can’t refuse.


If your site isn’t converting as well as you know it can then please do these today.