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Social media positing doesn’t work.

At least now how they say it does.

You aren’t going to read this and stuff money at me through the screen.

It would be wonderful. But you aren’t going to.

Neither is your dream client.

So you need to ditch the idea that just posting on social media is enough to get you a ton of clients.

The gurus make it sound like that but that’s because they have course on social media posting to sell you.

But social media is still and excellent marketing tool. You just have to see it differently.

Social media posting is like branding. It takes time to build a reputation. But if you create and maintain your effort you will get something from it.

It won’t be fast though. You need other strategies. Here are my favourites.

1. Find and engage with real people you’d love as clients. Read their posts and engage with them in a genuine and thoughtful way. Keep doing it until they are likely to remember who you are. Then reach out to connect and chat. I didn’t say sell. Just get to know each other. Learn to see the world through their eyes.

2. Competitor research. You can see a businesses Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads. It’s worth checking them out. Look at what appeals they’re using. What offers they make. Enter their sales funnels and see what they’re doing. Do not blindly copy it. But if you know, for certain, it works then note the lessons

3. Study what’s popular. What gets a lot of like, comments and shares on social? There’s a reason why and it’s worth looking at it to understand that. The more you study success the more likely you are to create some of your own.

My golden rule for social media is be human. Focus on building relationships and being helpful.

It’s a long term play, if you want to make it pay.