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Do you know the marketing opening that’s almost impossible to ignore?

I’ll wait while you guess.

I’m still waiting.

Did you get it?

That’s right it’s a question.

Specifically an interesting question that can’t be answered with a yes or a no.

You saw me use it at the start of this post.

Even if you think you know the answer you can’t be certain until you read and confirm whether you’re right or not.

Questions have power. Our brains find them very hard to ignore and not answer.

1980 in America this question from Ronald Reagan turned the election in his favour. The question was:

“Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Powerful because it put the focus where he wanted it. A masterclass in framing the political discussion.

So are you using them in your marketing?

If not why not?

Maybe you don’t know what question to ask.

Now it takes some digging to find your killer question but here’s one tip to help.

What question can you ask that will cause potential clients to stop and think?

Here are a couple of made up examples.

Have you claimed all 27 of the tax deductions you’re entitled to as real estate agent? (for an accountant)

Do you know how fast your website loads in all the major web browsers? (for a web designer)

I hope this gets you thinking up powerful questions. Just promise yourself this. Right now you will write down 3 questions that you could use in your marketing message.

Action takers rule the world. I hope you’re one of them.