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Dribble and more dribble.

No this isn’t a parenting story.

It’s about the tendency, many of us have, to write dribble.

Dribble is when you say too many different things. But there is no unifying idea behind it.

You see this problem a lot. I see it a lot in politics. But you’ll see it everywhere.

The best messages have a unifying idea throughout them.

We have a lot demanding out attention that’s why you must have a compelling ‘hook’ that people can remember and recite.

So have a look at your writing. Emails, websites, brochures, ads. Do they have a clear, unifying idea?

If not then you’ll keep getting below average results and you don’t deserve that.

Invest the time or get help to find and clearly state your unifying idea.

When you do your bank account will thank you.