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You’re missing most of the available sales.

How do I know?

All your marketing is designed to get someone to buy now. But if they don’t, you don’t have a strategy to stay in touch until they are ready to buy.

Here’s the bad news. 3% are ready to buy right now. That’s not many. To make things worse everyone is competing for the 3%.

It’s dumb and it leads to price competition which is something you don’t want.

Here’s the good news another 67% will probably buy what you sell. But when they’re ready.

If you are smart enough to capture their details and follow up consistently and helpfully you will get the sale.

So this means your marketing must have a mechanism to capture names for follow up as well as an option to buy now.

Let your competition fight each other for the 3% whilst you get the 67%.

If you’re not sure how to apply this strategy in your market shoot me a message and I’ll show you how.