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You may not want to hear this but you need to.

Most of what you say to potential clients is either confusing, unbelievable or boring.

Now that isn’t your fault. Hardly anyone gets taught how to say things in an interesting way so clients respond.

You need to be able to deal with clients thinking this.

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That’s right so what?

They’re busy. They’re bored. They’re dealing with all sorts of problems.

That’s why you can’t put vanilla messaging in front of them.

No industry is immune. Here’s a couple of copy snippets from ads for digital marketing companies.

“Want to grow with the best digital marketing agency in Australia?” So what?

“We Build Unique Strategies Around Your Customers Behaviours.” So what?

“Ready to grow? Meet the Best-Rated Internet Marketing Agency Melbourne businesses trust.” So what?

“Meet Australia’s leading web design agency. Transformation specialists you can rely on. Leading Australian website designers & developers. Compliant, secure, fast solutions. Secure WCAG Websites. Digital Transformation.” So what? And ?

Now these are marketing businesses. If that doesn’t horrify you, it should. But you can immediately see they don’t understand marketing. If they did they’d do this.

Take the thing they do. Expand on all the possible benefits. Understand what that means for a client. Then write the copy about what the clients gets, not what they do.

The best question to ask yourself is this. What is the benefit of the benefit?

Here’s an example sticking with digital marketing.

I’ll take SEO, ranking high on Google.

The basic benefit is rank high on Google but that’s not enough.

The benefit of that, is you have a steady stream of potential buyers coming to your site. But that’s not enough.

The benefit of that is you can go to sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow you’ll have all the clients you can handle. This means you’re building a highly valuable business that you can sell for a lot of money if you want to.

Now that’s more interesting. I would explore this much deeper if it was an actual client I was writing copy for. But you can see how asking the question forces you to dig deeper.

Once you hit feelings you’re into gold territory.

Try it for yourself. That what way you can take potential clients from saying so what, to saying shut up and take my money.