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Are your emails euthanizing your clients?

Now I’m going hard today because I don’t want YOU to do this.

Most email gets ignored. Or it gets so little attention it may as well have been ignored.

This is especially true for big companies and brands. They get lazy and send out emails with subject lines this fromĀ Officeworks.

‘Latest catalogue out now’

Honestly who ****ing cares. I don’t care about your catalogue. I do however love stationery and new tech gadgets.

So why not find something in the catalogue that’s attractive and focus on that. Or at least highlight savings I might get or bonuses on offer during the promotion.

In other words the class WIIFM. What’s in it for me? You can’t bore people into buying. But you can bore them into not buying and unsubscribing.

Your subject line is the headline for your email. It’s a big reason the email gets looked at or immediately deleted.

Spend time to get it right and watch your open rates and sales go up.