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Our biggest hardwired need is survival.

But the thing that comes next is closely linked to it.

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It’s status.

Our relative position to everyone else.

It goes back to tribal times where status determined in you ate today.

High status, get food. Low status, go hungry.

The situation now isn’t that bad for many people, but the drive to gain and maintain it is.

There are different status indicators. But the big ones are:






What’s the implication for us as marketers?

Simple buying from you should protect or raise your client’s status.

You don’t just come out and say that though. That would be weird.

You do it by emotional association.

The looks you get as you drive by in your new car.

The subtle glance at the clasp on your Gucci handbag.

Living your best life with an amazing partner because you wear Bvlgari perfume.

The smile on the face of the person who got promoted and now has the corner office everyone else wants.

If buying from you raises status you’ll find it easier to make sales. You’ll also be able to charge more than your competitors.

Up status. Up Sales. Up profits.