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Overwhelming desire.

That’s what you need to close a sale.

The prospect has to be excited.

The prospect has to fear missing out by not buying.

Sometimes you need something to push them over the inertia edge.

That deadly place where no seems safer and easier.

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What we want is a hell yes.

You can do this with takeaway selling.

It’s a simple idea but not as easy to do in reality.

Takeaway selling means getting them excited about what you’ve got but then telling them it’s probably not for them.

This actually makes people want to qualify to buy. It’s crazy powerful psychology and should be used ethically.

You often see it done like this.

Let’s say you’re selling membership to an exclusive club. You’ve painted the picture of who’s in there and how amazing the experience is. They’re close to sold.

You then say something like this.

Please be aware we don’t just let anyone who asks in. This is a club for high calibre individuals. We only want the best of the best.

If you’re someone who… (list reasons)

It’s not for you if… (list reasons)

The prospect self-identifies with the positive criteria and denies having any of the disqualifying criteria.

They want to be in.

Because you tried to exclude them they actually want to be included more.

Done right it creates a stampede of clients rushing to give you money.

If you want that then try takeaway selling today.

As always if you need help ask. I’m here for you and can help you do this the right way.