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Can you pass the billboard test?

With a billboard you have just seconds.

People are normally driving past. Often at speed.

They may only see your billboard in their peripheral vision.

So you have to be clear.

Impossible to misunderstand.

Very few words.

Now there are tons of bad billboard ads. But every so often you see a good one.

Your marketing is like a billboard. Busy person. Small amount of attention. So what are you going to say to grab them?

I recommend you try and create a billboard message for your business.

Up to 8 words. 4 or less is even better.

What will you say?

This exercise isn’t easy to do. But that’s the point. You have to do the hard work to get clear.

I’d love you to share your billboard message below. If you’d like my feedback add that too and I’ll make sure to reply.