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Marketing is loaded with assumptions.

Trouble with assumptions is they kill your response rate.


It’s because you don’t create marketing for the real world.

Sure, it looks and sounds good on paper or in your office.

But what happens when you put it in the wild?

Oh, that’s right real people are exposed to it.

Or are they?

People have a lot going on and your marketing is rarely even on their list, let alone near the top of it.

A huge one is being distracted.

In fact, you may not have read this far into my article because something else distracted you.

Congratulations if you did it means you focus better than most people.

But knowing this is helpful.

Because it means you can create marketing that reflects this reality and has a chance of working in the real world.

Always, always think about the context in which your marketing will be received.

When you do you may experience a profound shift in how you do it.

When you make the shift, you will experience a profound shift in results too.

Most people won’t do it.

But if you want marketing results most people don’t get it, then you better make the shift. Right now.