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FREE isn’t valued.

FREE rarely gets acted on.

FREE doesn’t help potential clients.

Yet everyone tells you to offer more FREE stuff to grow your business.

At one level it makes sense. Give people a sample of your value and leave them wanting more. It can work.

But the problem now is there’s too much of it. And much of it is crap.

Have you read or watched every FREE thing you asked for? Tell the truth now I’m watching.

I haven’t.

But there’s a small shift you can make. Create something of incredible value and charge a little for it. So it becomes an impulse purchase.

As soon as someone parts with money, even a small amount, they have become a client. It’s a critical shift in the relationship.

They are also more likely to pay attention to it simply because they invested something.

Plus another big change occurs. They have said I am committed to the thing you offered. It means that if you offer them something else that helps them more in that area they are very likely to take that up too.

We act consistently with our previous behaviour. I hope you’ll consider adding a low cost irresistible offer to your marketing.