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In previous weeks look at how powerful authority is an influence strategy.

But how do you put it into action?

Lucky for you I’m revealing the most powerful way I know.

Here’s a clue.

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You are the expert at what you do.

You know that. But how does the client?

The easiest way is to introduce a diagnose problems and prescribe solutions approach to how you do business.

As soon as you become a diagnoser of problems you elevate your status in the eyes of potential clients.

This is exactly what doctors do. They diagnose your problem and prescribe the solution.

But it works just as well for everyday businesses. Especially well for service businesses.

Here’s a few examples.

A roofer can offer a Home Leaks Check.

An electrician can offer an Electrical Safety report.

A workplace wellbeing consultant can offer a Lost Productivity Report.

I think you get the idea. You can either charge for this (preferred) or use it as lead generation tool.

The reason I like charging something is because it sorts freebie seekers from serious prospects so you don’t waste your valuable time.

The cost of the report can be deducted from any work done.

When you add diagnose and prescribe to your business you become as trusted as a doctor and your advice gets acted on.

I think you’ll agree that’s a great way to do business.