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Somewhere along the way the purpose of advertising seems to have been forgotten.


Pause and think about an ad that caught your attention recently. Maybe it was funny. Maybe there was something unusual in it. Maybe it triggered your emotions.


But can you remember what it was for and what they wanted you to do next?


On this basis almost every ad running in traditional media (tv, radio, print) fails. Digital media isn’t much better.


Somehow advertisers and their agencies fell in love with entertaining people.


It’s got the point where I just saw an ad for a car in which there was no car and no mention of the car.


This is the advertising equivalent of taking a wad of cash and setting fire to it.


The real purpose of advertising is to sell. Sell more of your offer. Take people’s existing desires and show them how your offer fulfils them better and faster than any other option.


If you remember the purpose of your advertising is to sell, then you stand a greater chance of getting advertising that actually makes you money.